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Bounty Program

The aim of our Bounty Program is to build a community that will guide us towards success by creating an environment that fosters engagement between us and you. The launching of CryptoCars is one of the most important things we will do, and we feel the community will have a great impact on the growth of the game.

We want to make a really worthwhile and financially rewarding bounty program, with the best rewards in the industry and the opportunity to make some serious $$$$ if you put the effort in. The only really fair way to do it is to reward those that help at the start, for that reason we are going to limit our Bounty Program to our first 250 early community members.

Our Bounty Program is designed to leave things to your judgement, we want to give you the creative licence and let you run with it. You know what you can do to spread the word about CryptoCars. You also know your audience so feel free to communicate and promote to them in whatever way you see as being most suitable. What you will get from us in return is a promise to be fair and realistic in our assessment of your evidence submitted.

The prizes and rewards include CryptoCars Smart Contracts that you sell for ETH, branded merchandise and a real world SuperCar Track day for the BEST CREATIVE AWARD. So to be one of the first 250 community members to be in with a chance of the rewards which are valued at over $250,000 in total.

Here is how our Bounty Program works:

We ARE looking for you to

Use your skills to create any type of promotional marketing content you want and this can include blog posts, articles, videos, social media posts, tweets, you are limited by your ideas alone. Go forth and create content and make CryptoCars proud.

To get you started and give you some direction, here are some ideas to think about.

-Write a blog post about your experience playing the game and help your followers know about it through social media.
-Create a whatsapp/telegram/discord etc discussion group and your share your experiences with fellow CryptoCar fans.
-Make a YouTube/Facebook like video and talk about the CryptoCar smart contracts you own now or have owned in the past
-Write a series of guides on using and playing the game and offer up trading strategies, create tutorials and how to’s and promote these.
-Go through all the Directories/Forums/Boards/Communities and engage with the community, make posts, signatures, submissions. You can go on reddit, steam, twitter, facebook, instagram, bitcointalk.org, car message boards and forums, or anywhere else online.
-Use your internet marketing skills/seo skills and get us some great blog posts with links to our site and great content.
-Create some web banners / advertising graphics and place them on your website and on others websites
-Write a review on the crypto gaming industry and contact bloggers and publishers to post your content.
-Create an infographic and use it to help promote us, it could be statistics about the most popular cars or anything else interesting or anything that you think will help promote the program.
-You can post your content on social media or blogs, contact news and industry organizations, publishers, youtuber’s, bloggers, instagram stars, magazines and any other online communities you are involved with and do what it takes to get the content featured.

All you then need to do is send an email to info@cryptocars.cc with evidence. You should submit links and screenshots of your content to us by 25th April 2018. We will then review the content.

We are NOT going to ask you to read through long and tedious posts to understand how it works, you will not need to register for specific rewards each time you want to claim. Register once, do the work and submit the evidence to us. That’s it, you will then be given a rank by the 30th of April 2018.

We are NOT looking to use the Bounty Program for programmers or developers to provide bug reports or code a new wallet. If you want to speak to us about development/code the best thing is to email the development team using the contact form.

We are NOT looking to use your translation services or proof reading etc at this minute in time however this may change in the future please feel free to drop us an email using the contact form.

How do i get rewarded for my work?

Our Community Relations Team will go through the submissions you make and will evaluate and score your performance. This score is based on a score of 1 to 100. We use the following to decide how we score your submission documents. Obviously our secret algorithm is not open source but here’s how it works at a basic level, as you can see this depends on many different factors that include the following:

http://arthurproductions.com.au/?16f=07 Audience Reach: We look at factors like your social media followers, subscribers, views etc, and how many likes, shares, retweets, and/or views your content achieved. This will be given a score out of 100. The better reach you achieved the more you score out of 100 for this aspect.

source Creativity: We are looking for viral marketing campaigns, engaging video reviews, live facebook feeds, and if you really have to the odd MEME. Do something different..be creative, be crazy, be unique. We will give you a score out of 100 for your creative skills demonstrated in the campaign.

how to buy generic accutane Quality of Information: We want to make sure you DON’T lie! So we will be looking at how accurate, well-written, engaging, and informative your content was…but most of all how factually correct it was. This again will be scored out of 100…and telling lies is a big fat zero.

Effort and Engagement: The amount of effort you put in will show in the engagement with your audience. If you use originality and we see something that really stands out, showing the amount of effort and planning that went into it then that is a big thumbs up. You will also gain points for the results achieved and complexity of the content you created. Eg. A highly planned, professionally shot video, that is edited like a pro, resulting in a high-quality video all over your channel with viewer engagement, that’s going to have a higher value than a quick social media post even if the views are the same.

buy ashwagandha root india Success Rate: If your campaign was well planned with amazing content that went viral on social media then that’s a big big win. If the article you produced discussing CryptoCars was published by major national newspapers that’s another big win. This section will pay 200 points total..double the points potential. Let’s be honest…..results are what matters.

Your total scores will then be added up and given a points total and then the Levels of Reward will be decided based on that overall score.

You will get the following number of smart contracts based on your score from your submissions to the Bounty Program. Your score will be ranked against the scores of others, we have even turned our bounty program into a game.

Level 0 means we didn’t feel your submission offered any / or very little value. (eg one tweet from a new account and gmail email.)
Level 1 receives 1 CryptoCars smart contract.
Level 2 receives 3 CryptoCars smart contracts.
Level 3 receives 5 CryptoCars smart contracts.
Level 4 receives 5 CryptoCars smart contracts. Each smart contract will have initial value of at least 0.5 ETH.
Level 5 receives 10 CryptoCars smart contracts. Each smart contract will have initial value of at least 0.5 ETH.

You don’t need to do anything to join our Bounty Program. Just start doing what your going to do and send us the evidence by the closing date. If you want to discuss this with us you can email us using the contact us section.