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Copyright and Legal

http://wolfdencreative.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=https://wolfdencreative.com/shot1-2/ We have retained the services of a number of leading trademark and legal consultants around the world to ensure that we operate as legally as we can according to the various worldwide laws and have placed funds to fight claims. We have some interns who are prepared to research worldwide on all kinds of legal matter and they could throw up some interesting results like the case of Ferrari Testarossa in Germany. So as you can see this is a very complex legal matter that differs from jurisdiction to jurisdiction across the world. We will fight it and we will use all our skills in marketing and promotion to ensure that those who attack us are exposed for the spoil sports they are. We may win some and we may lose but they will never take down the blockchain.

cheap prednisone for dogs Any person or company can file petty law suits and be aggressive in the hope of settling outside of court or reaching their intended outcome by means of legal intimidation. IF this ever happens, we will not appreciate this and will find an aggressive stance, we will not be deterred, and will take any such case to court and they will feel the force of our community. All that will happen is more publicity and marketing for the game. As they say no such thing as bad publicity for us as we grow in strength and size to become a big influence in the sector.

We believe the use of the manufacturers brand and model for the purpose of indicating to the public that we sell smart contracts is no different to us selling real wold cars, or offering repairs or maintenance vehicles, or even that we specialise in such activities, will not infringe the rights provided the mark is not used in such a way as to create the wrong impression that there is some commercial connection (e.g., affiliation) between the third party and the proprietor of the mark.(EU)

voltaren 5 cream buy In short, while we acknowledge it is illegal to use a persons name, trademark or copyright to promote a product or service in a misleading manner, it is perfectly legal to sell cars, real or digital. We do not claim an official endorsement by any manufacturer. We make it very clear we are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with any of the car manufacturers or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates featured on this web site.