CRYPTOCARS EASTER EGG HUNT PROMOTION Who doesn’t love hunting for hidden Easter eggs? Nobody? Oh come on its meant to be fun, your gamers. Well seen as you can’t seem to find your inner child we have something that might be more your taste. We have 50 brand new CryptoCar Contracts that will be released at random times between now and 20th April. Your challenge is to find them!

where can i buy provigil in south africa As we build our community and move the game through to the next phases we understand it is important to keep things fun! We have an exciting way of delivering some game play action for new players and veteran’s in the game alike. With Easter just around the corner what better than an egg hunt! Only the eggs will be brand new CryptoCar Contracts.

– New dropped CryptoCar Smart Contract will have a start price of 0.01 ETH so it is your chance to get doubled up.
– We will make sure players from all time zones are able to compete and hunt the cars each day. Some days 2 or 3 may drop and some days none.
– To make things even more interesting we are about to remove the “sort by” functionality from the marketplace leaving the cars ordered alphabetically.

You won’t know when, you won’t know where but the Easter Bunny will be hopping and skipping through that marketplace and dropping SuperCar contracts, which reminds me did you know that bunny rabbits have two different types of poo, one is droppings and the other is runnier…and I think I will stop there, if you want to know the ending Google it.

Keep an eye on the EGG TIMER to the right or you can check our growing community Discord Channel if you are not already on and we will be sure to drop you some hints and tips.

Hint Ctrl + F5 might will help you see the egg that has already been laid in the marketplace.

Happy hunting everyone!