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http://osteriapulcinella.co.uk/menu_item/torrontes-andeluna/ How do I create an account?
You need to go to the register an account page and fill in all the details required. You will then be able to sign in using the link in the top navigation bar.

Tastylia Order 20 MG What happens if I have lost my password?
If you lose your password go to www.cryptocars.cc then you should click the link on the login page and follow the instructions to recover password.

What software / hardware is required to play CrytoCars?
To be able to play the game, you only require three things:
A computer (desktop or laptop) with a Chrome or Firefox browser installed.
A MetaMask digital wallet
Some Ether, the cryptocurrency used to buy the Ethereum smart contracts

What kind of payments do you accept?
Etheruem (ETH) is the cryptocurrency that you’ll need. In order to buy and sell your contracts, you’ll need to install the digital wallet MetaMask on your Chrome or Firefox browser, you will use this for sending and receiving your ETH transactions in the game. You can always follow these transactions on the blockchain.

How do I install Meta Mask?
In order for you to be able to buy contracts and sell your contracts using ETH, you will need to install the browser based digital wallet MetaMask. This only works on your Chrome or Firefox browser. Once you have installed Meta Mask you will need to follow the instructions in the settings and load up your wallet with Ether.

Go to https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/metamask/nkbihfbeogaeaoehlefnkodbefgpgknn?hl=en and click “Add to Chrome”. Or, go to https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/ether-metamask/ and click “Add to Firefox”.
Click “Add Extension” on the pop-up.
Accept the Privacy Policy and agree to the terms and conditions.

Set up your MetaMask account.
Copy your 12 seed words and file them away somewhere safe (this is what helps to secure your account). For security purposes, MetaMask browser extensions will periodically request that you log back in to your account to make sure your account is still secure. If you see a lock screen on CryptoCars, this is only a security measure that is the most likely cause of the problem. All you need to do is just click your MetaMask extension, log back in, and continue buying and trading smart contracts.

How do I pay for my Smart Contract?
To begin buying and trading CryptoCars you need ETH otherwise known as Ether or Ethereum. You can purchase this at an exchange using a credit card or bank account. You can use an exchange like www.coinbase.com to do this or you can buy Bitcoin and exchange it for Ether on one of the many exchanges.

How do I transfer my ETH to MetaMask?
If you currently own ether, you can: Transfer your ether from your existing digital wallet to your MetaMask wallet. Just copy your MetaMask address, open up current ETH wallet and click the “Send” button, paste your MetaMask address in the address box, add the amount of ETH you want to transfer, and then complete the transaction.

Why can I not play CryptoCars on my phone or tablet?
At the minute the current technology and software that is used to run the game needs too many resources for your phone to handle. You may be able to play the game on your tablet as long as it runs Firefox or Chrome. We suggest however that u use a PC or Laptop as this is what gives you the best game experience and runs the system the best.

Why does my purchase not show up on Etherscan blockexplorer?
You just need to go on over to the “internal transactions” section. Here you will be able to see the sale and sometimes you just have to wait until the transaction is recorded. This is something that is out of our control and is reliant on the load on the Ethereum network at the time. In order to verify Smart Contracts it requires registering the transaction on the blockchain, and this in turn requires lots of computer all over the world to verify the data. This process is what secures your Smart Contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

Why are transactions failing?
We get many questions about transactions failing and we understand how frustrating it can be to miss the opportunity to snatch a newly released smart contract and grab a bargain. Unfortunately this game was not launched with expectation for such fast trading, and as blockchain technology is still in its infancy itself, it is not the well suited for the type of fast action we are starting to see recently in crypto games.
With so many players competing to “Buy This Contract” sometimes the button on your browser, your OS, your ISP, or loads of other factors make it very possible that faster players have already traded the cards several times. This mean that by the time you have submitted your buy via metamask, the actual realtime purchase price is higher than the one you sent.

In order to avoid having a high number of failed transactions, there are several things that you can try to do yourself in order to increase your success rate.

a. You can confirm the price.
If you are familiar with Ethereum and have the skills, you can check the latest realtime current price of the CryptoCar contract you are trying to buy by going directly on the BlockChain under “read smart contract”:

b. You can try sending a higher price than the price that is shown on the market place. Depending on demand at the time, when you have submitted a 0.05 ETH purchase order through meta mask, the price may already be 0.6 or more and the game and price have moved on.  You are able to change the bid price on the text field before proceeding to purchase with metamask. You just need to try and figure out where the price is going and select a higher value to have your buy accepted. This can take some practice, but if you do end up bidding higher than the actual registered smart contract price on the blockchain, the difference will be refunded automatically to your metamask wallet.

About CryptoCars

What is CryptoCars all about then?
This might be confusing to some and too simple an explanation for others but the game is about competing to own unique digital assets on the block chain…eg SuperCar Smart Contract. The game has several aspects to it.

The Game- CryptoCars is about buying and selling supercar Smart Contracts. Only one contract per Supercar, who will own the dream car? How long will you own it before somebody else buys it back. Waiting for a buyer can be quite dramatic believe it or not. When you buy a CryptoCar contract it is instantly relisted on the marketplace for the increased new price.

The Math – The Smart Contract doubles in price automatically every time somebody buys the contract up to the price of 1 ETH, above that the contract returns 18% each time it is sold.

How do I buy a CryptoCar smart contract?
Get yourself over to the CryptoCars Marketplace, browse through the super car contracts, choose your dream car and click on “Buy this Contract”. You will have to have enough ETH available in your MetaMask wallet to cover the purchase price / transaction fees. Once you have completed the purchase of the smart contract you are the current owner of that contract, you are now waiting for someone to buy the contract again and you will return a profit.

So do I get the real supercar?
Lol we knew it, you always get one….but don’t be that person. Of course you do not own the real super car as that would involve shipping cars all over the world, So that would not work for starters!

Oh come on this is a scam isn’t it?
No…but if that is what you think that is your right. However we would urge you to research the technology we have built Cryptocars on and make an informed decision. Would you call baseball cards a scam, or artwork, wine, collectors of moon rock? Collectible and desirable items have always sold for a premium but that does not make it a scam. There is no scam, and no hidden requirements. How could their be a scam when all transactions are verified on the Ethereum blockchain.

How do you make money?
We add a small percentage onto the purchase price when each CryptoCar smart contract is sold.

Are you officially affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with any of the car manufacturers or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates featured on this web site?
No..but we do drive a Ford.

How much do CryptoCars smart contracts cost?
This depends on the supercar as the market decides the price, each contract automatically increases in price after every transaction. This means that the more interest in the Smart Contract, the higher the cost of each contract goes. So this means that the price of the contract depends on how many times the contract has changed ownership.

Can I decide not to sell my CryptoCars Smart Contract if someone wants to purchase it?
No you cant stop people from purchasing your contract no matter what the price, but that’s all part of the game and can be exciting as you never know how long your going to keep it, as anyone at any time could buy the contract that you own. Remember that you can get up to double the price back in return, so you will have plenty of funds to buy a cheaper contract or maybe you will take your profit and buy a real world Ferrari or Lambo.

Can I sell my Smart Contract to somebody outside your Marketplace?
No this is not possible as the game is designed to be played within the marketplace and you cant use any other method to sell, rent or otherwise change any rules!

Can I use my local fiat currency (USD, GBP, EUR, RMB,) to buy a supercar contracts?
No and the reason is because CryptoCars is run on the Ethereum blockchain and the technology used by Ethereum, ETH is the only currency you can use on their decentralized network. You are able to exchange your fiat currency into ETH through your chosen exchange or directly through your MetaMask wallet (depending on where you live).

Can I use Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency to play the game?
No and the reason is because CryptoCars is run on the Ethereum blockchain…just exchange whatever currency you have to ETH and load your MetaMask wallet to get started.

Will you shut this down if you are forced to?
It is important to understand that once the smart contract is on the blockchain, it is impossible for anyone to to delete, remove, or otherwise shut down the smart contract or Ethereum blockchain. Nobody including the developers can remove your smart contract from the blockchain. Owning a CryptoCars smart token on the distributed Ethereum blockchain is the same as owning any other crytocurrency. The only way someone can take ownership of your smart contract is by somebody else paying you more than the price you originally paid. Remember these are the rules of the game and are hard-coded into the smart contract.

So whilst this website can potentially be shut down, crash, hacked or force to cease operation, the actual smart contract and your ownership of CryptoCar smart tokens can not. The original developers who created the smart contract no longer have exclusive control of the project, and others can always create websites, apps and UIs that will continue to interact with the smart contract on the blockchain. We even hear rumours of a CryptoCarmarketcap.com type website in the works.

Who created the game?
Very few people actually know however “Some people say that he trained as a ninja and never sleeps, and others say he’s wanted by the CIA and that he sleeps upside down. All we know is that he’s called The Lamborari.

Who owns the game?
Nobody owns the game, it is forever on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain, and for as long as Ethereum is about so will your smart contract be, not controlled by any one person or group.

Who are the current developers?
A remote group of new age digital nomads brought together by the shared love of decentralization, disruption, games, the moon and Lambo’s.

What if you do get sued or threatened?
We will fight it and we will use all our skills in marketing and promotion to ensure that those who attack us are exposed for the spoil sports they are. We may win some and we may lose some but they will never take down the blockchain. We have retained the services of a number of leading trademark and legal consultants around the world to ensure that we operate as legally as we can according to the various worldwide laws and have placed funds to fight claims. We have some interns who are prepared to research worldwide on all kinds of legal matters and they could throw up some interesting results like the case of Ferrari Testarossa in Germany. So as you can see this is a very complex legal matter that differs from jurisdiction to jurisdiction across the world.

Any person or company can file petty law suits and be aggressive in the hope of settling outside of court or reaching their intended outcome by means of legal intimidation. IF this ever happens, we will not appreciate this and will find an aggressive stance, we will not be deterred, and will take any such case to court and they will feel the force of our legal team. All that will happen is more publicity and marketing for the game. As they say there is no such thing as bad publicity.

We believe the use of the manufacturers brand and model for the purpose of indicating to the public that we sell smart contracts is no different to us selling real world cars, or offering repairs or maintenance to vehicles, or even that we specialize in such activities, will not infringe the rights, provided the mark is not used in such a way as to create the wrong impression that there is some commercial connection (e.g., affiliation) between the third party and the proprietor of the mark.(EU)

In short, while we acknowledge it is illegal to use a persons name, trademark or copyright to promote a product or service in a misleading manner, it is perfectly legal to sell cars, real or digital. We do not claim an official endorsement by any manufacturer. We make it very clear we are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with any of the car manufacturers or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates featured on this web site.

So what happens again if this website is shut down, crashed, hacked or force to cease operation?
The blockchain is unlike anything else that we have ever seen in the history of the internet. It is starting to disrupt many different parts of our lives and is now something that cannot be controlled, shut down or altered by any individual, company or central entity. While the website can potentially be shut down, crash, hacked or force to cease operation, the smart contract and your proven ownership of the supercar smart contract can not. If we have to be the one that plays HODOR so be it, as we believe we will be able to come back and make some improvements to the game in the future using a consistent causal loop

Why can I not hodl?
Because you can’t. Why can you not miss a go in chess? Why does blackjack have to be 21? Anyway Hodl was so 2017.


Is CryptoCars a type of cryptocurrency
Think of smart contracts as digital collectibles, we all know that usually digital game goodies are fraud. They end up not being unique or you never get what you paid for. Well with the Ethereum blockchain all that changes as the goodies are secured forever on the decentralised blockchain. Just like real world trading of collectible items you can make money on CryptoCars Smart Contracts by selling them in the game and receiving a higher amount than you originally paid. Or you could be the one left holding a very expensive digital trading card. And part of that is what all the fun in the game is about.

How do I withdraw my profit from the game?
If somebody purchases your supercar smart contract from you, the funds will automatically be sent to your Meta Mask Ethereum wallet. You will be able to spend the ETH anywhere else that accepts ETH or trade it for fiat at an exchange.

How much do the smart contracts go up in value?
The price increases are hard coded in the Ethereum Smart Contract and the value of each contract appreciates by 2X for a contract price of 0.01 ETH to 1 ETH and 1.18X from 1 ETH and up.

If I want to keep my smart contract forever what should I do?
If another gamer decides that they want your car they can purchase your Smart Contract as long as they’re willing to pay more than you originally paid for the contract, there is nothing you can do about it but buy it back again. That is how the game works.

Once I have paid my ETH what exactly do I get?
Once your you have paid for your Smart Contract using ETH and your transaction has confirmed you will get an email from us confirming its yours, and you can verify your ownership of the smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, however it is automatically relisted in the marketplace for sale with an increased price tag.

Which CrytoCars Smart Contracts are availble to buy at this time? How do I know what is available?
You can purchase any CryptoCars Smart Contract that you have been dreaming about, and as long as you are willing to pay the price listed for the Smart Contract it’s yours. All the smart contracts are available for sale, all the time! Everything has a price….except love maybe but that’s another debate.

How do I make money in the game again?
Ok one last time, here is an example for you … Johnny decides to buy a Smart Contract for a Lambo and he pays 0.01 ETH for it, he is living the dream. However another player Dave wants that Lambo and plans to pay to take his pride and joy away from Johnny. Once that happens, Johnny will automatically receive 0.02 ETH from the new owner. Get it now…I really hope so. You can also get FREE smart contracts by joining our Bounty Program.