How Does It Work?

How to buy a CryptoCars Smart Contract 1. Browse through the supercars in the marketplace (its like a virtual supercar showroom)ĹžovĂ˝ 2. You can purchase any CryptoCars Smart Contract that you have been dreaming about, as long as you are willing to pay the price listed the Smart Contract it’s yours.

3. Once you have paid for your Smart Contract using ETH it is yours, however it’s re-listed in the marketplace with double the price tag you paid.

4. If another gamer decides they want your car they can purchase your Smart Contract as long as they are willing to pay you double the price that you originally paid for the contract.

The price increases are hard coded in the Ethereum Smart Contract and the value of each contract appreciates by 2X for a contract price of 0.01 ETH to 1 ETH and 1.18X from 1 ETH and up.

If you cant bear the thought of someone else owning your Rolls Royce Silver Spirit then you have no choice but to buy it back. Maybe you will choose to spend the profit from the sale on a lesser known up and coming car that nobody has really spotted yet? Whatever you choose to do you can be safe in the knowledge that all transactions are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain using decentralized technology that means your CryptoCars are safe and secure at all times.