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Proof of CryptoCars (POCC)

We are pleased to announce the birth of the official currency of CryptoCars which is based on Proof of Weak Hands technology, hence forth known as POCC.


Every single trade, buy or sell that occurs, has a 50% flat transaction fee applied. Instead of the gouging transaction fee going to the exchange, the fee is split between all current token holders and distributed by the Ethereum robot banking interface in the super smart contract! We can’t touch your Eth, it is not ours! It is stored securely and powered by the Ethereum network, locked in and waiting for your weak hand to press that “sell” button, and all governed by the rules and functions permanently carved in blockchain stone AKA the smart contract for you to verify.

Crazy as it sounds 50% of all the volume this crazy gaming currency ever experiences, is set aside for you the crazy token holders, you are paid by the smart contract in the form of REAL Ethereum rewards that you can instantly withdraw whenever you'd like in real ETH to your Metamask or mobile wallet.

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Uses your dividend balance to buy more tokens at the current rate.

Withdraw your dividends balance back into your Ethereum wallet.

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To interact with the network, you must have Metamask installed and setup.

Wallet Seed

can you buy prednisone over the counter in canada WARNING This is your wallet's seed. If you lose this, you lose access to your ETH and any POCC along with it. This is only ever stored locally in your web browser. If you clear your browser data, generate a new wallet over an existing, or your computer dies, and you don't have this saved anywhere, nobody can recover this for you. Seriously, save it somewhere safe.

Wallet Management

Balance: 2.355145 ETH


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DIV volume spread over token holders since open page:


Total DIV contract has generated (includes sell div, needs time to update)


Can I withdraw when I want?

The smart contract (the code rules that handles the Ethereum accounting and transactions programmed by math dweebs ) holds all ethereum ever put into purchasing these tokens, and on demand will be yourown personal banker and give you all the Ethereum you are owed whenever you want to withdraw rewards, or dump your tokens just press the sell button or weakness button as we call it, and voila your Eth is in your wallet

The AI robot that is looking to take over the Ethereum network is also indifferent to your plight, it cannot be stopped ever, it cannot be shut down ever, or ended with the death of the Supreme leader of the ethereum network himself. All hail the blockchain.

Can I trust you lol?

Dude this is quick math, you are talking blockchain bro, so each and every ethereum transaction is handled by a piece of unchangeable blockchain programming known as a smart contract. And that means you can check on the blockchain that we are not gonna go all Bitconnnneeeeect on you, we will have no hand in our till, believe in this because you can't cheat math and blockchain baby.

Are you sure I can trust you?

No need to fear, for you are only entrusting your hard earned ETH and throwing it into the Smart Contract that is running on a decentralized blockchain network technology. On the blockchain forever. Even if this website or UI goes down you still own your tokens and the ETH is in the contract too so chill, you are good to go.

Your tokens are safe with us we have been running our game for a month now and no Russian hitmen have been hired to take a contract out on our grandmothers yet.

Is it going to crash?

Hell yeah it’s gonna crash but if you’re not crashing you’re not going fast enough. But when people sell remember you earn dividends from those that are foolish enough to sell. The will coin will crash and will spike and then crash and spike again, that is what it is designed to do. Only those with balls of steel and ice through the veins will hold on to that steering wheel until the last millimetre of rubber is left on the tires with foot to the floor, as we go over the cliff and bounce back up again earning our 50% on each buy and sell as we go.

Lambos to the moon?

Oh yeah! Feel it as the excitement grows we might well hit the moon, and then crash back to earth but it can and will spike again and again all the way to the moon again. But remember this is not some kind of investment or get rich quick scheme. Do it because you love blockchain, do it because you love human experiments, do it because you have Ethereum internet monopoly money to burn for fun. Do not use your last credit card or take a payday loan or any other financial insanity to play this math game / social experiment / whatever it is. Don’t spend money you cannot afford to lose (as the chance a high you will) don’t upset your family and friends by being an anti-social recluse. Not so easy to say I have strong hands when you have mouths to feed so you have been warned.

Is this a real thing tell me one more time?

Yes POCC Tokens are built upon the Ethereum blockchain and the Eth is locked in the smart contract . They have no value outside of engaging in the game with our Smart Contract and you SHOULD NOT consider them a real investment or asset class with any intrinsic value OF ANY FORM. IMMEDIATELY upon purchasing you will lose a very large percentage of your initial amount of ETH immediately after purchasing the tokens and you should be aware of this. These are the rules of the game 50% dividends on buying and selling on tokens.

Have I not seen something like this earlier?

Yes Bitconneeeect but that was human, not the same. We cannot cheat you, it is open and honest maths, there are several variations of ponzis, pyramids, and other get rich quick schemes. POCC is the next generation of cutting edge blockchain technology, with real ETH rewards for strong hands that believe in the game, and staying a part of the community.

Is POCC safe and secure?

Our site has an up to date SSL Certificate and we employ various other security techniques. The development team are constantly monitoring code and servers. They have put a lot of time into testing the smart contract to make sure that your tokens are secured correctly on the blockchain.

What do I need to buy into this madness you call it?

You need to install MetaMask and use either Firefox / Chrome or Cipher Browser App if you’re on a mobile device. You also need to have some ETH if you don’t have any you can buy some Ether (ETH), probably from somebody like Coinbase.

Are you planning to steal our Ether?

Again, with the trust issues, it hurts us inside that you had to ask still. No way do we, nor any other participant have access to withdraw the Ether from the smart contract without being the token owner.

So exactly what happens with the tokens that I buy?

Every time somebody buys or sell a POCC token, the price of the token changes - 0.0000001 Ether higher upon buy, 0.0000001 Ether lower upon sell. If you keep your tokens where they are, you receive 50% from every buy OR sell transaction based upon your current share of tokens. You can convert your current token collection into Ether where it will sit in your dividends pool - your dividends are stored in ETH, not in tokens, so their value remains stable (as long as the ETH price itself remains stable.) However, once you've converted your tokens, you won't be gaining any dividends - and if you want back in you'll need to either purchase more or simply convert your dividends pool straight back into tokens.

Ok sounds interesting. Can you tell me more?

Our math system in the smart contract mitigates the risk of fast dumping by penalizing sellers for doing so. If and when there is a sell off period, you will still be collecting dividends, as well as gain a larger portion of the total token market share in the process. As the buy/sell cycle occurs, the token holders will still collect dividends off the sales, in addition to gaining a larger portion of the total token market share in the process. This is done so that those who attempt to time the market and perform swing trades; selling high and re-buying low, will be risking a lot - and losing out on collecting up all those precious dividends. If you'd prefer to sit back and play it safe you will profit off of the madness of the greedy whales and weak of hand as they buy and then bail and you reap the divs.

Should get into credit card debt to play this game?

No no no no. You most definitely, certainly, absolutely SHOULD NOT do anything that would affect your quality of life if you lost everything you have out in. The bottom is ZERO value in the Tokens and it highly likely to see the bottom at some point. Would you take out a credit card to let your kids buy Vbucks for Fortnite? Well would you?….nooooooooo, so PLEASE do not consider this to be anything other than what it intended to be, an insane game with crazy rules that challenge the very proof of value itself, a horror show blended with a gameshow concept turned into a global human socialist experiment with a capitalism dilemma. Do not put anything in here that you are not immediately willing to treat as lost.

What is that you guarantee exactly?

We do not offer any guarantee other (we can’t refund you anything even if we wanted to, every last drop of ETH if locked in the smart contract) Once you have pressed submit and sent ETH, nothing nobody can do about it. Seriously, this is a zero-sum game and in your wildest dreams be classified as any kind of investment / security or anything more than a token that might be able to use in a our game in future. The risk is entirely yours please do not say you have not been warned.

Is that it?

No one last time, just so we are crystal clear, CryptoCars and POCC is a game that is intended for entertainment purposes only. Please ensure you do not send any ETH you do not want to or are not able to afford to lose. There is no guarantee whatsoever that you will make ETH playing this game and no guarantee that you will not lose all the ETH you play with. You should not attempt to pressurise friends, family or strangers into playing the game either and in fact you should even have long hard thinking about why you would want to play yourself.

Nothing here should be considered financial advice. Read our responsible gaming policy and ensure you fully understand anything before purchasing